(Professora Auxiliar / Assistant Professor)
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    Curriculum Vitae Resumido:
      Elizabeth Simão Carvalho is an Assistant Professor at the Portuguese Open University, Department of Sciences and Technology, Lisbon Portugal. She holds a Ph.D in Systems Information and Technologies (2008) and a Master in Computer Science (1994), both by the University of Minho. She has participated in national and international projects both as a researcher and project manager having a large experience in projects management. She is a researcher at CIAC—Research Center for Arts and Communication of the University of Algarve. Her research is concerned with the area of computer graphics with special focus on information and scientific visualization of data. She is author and co-author of several articles in referred Magazines and Conference Proceedings in the field of scientific and information visualization, augmented reality and semantic web. She is a member of Artech-International. She is reviewer of different conferences and magazines in the area of computer graphics. Finally, she speaks, reads and writes very well english, french, spanish and portuguese (mother language), good, german and very basic, chinese.

      Coordinator of the Engineering Informatics bachelor degree(2017-)
      Vice-coordinator of the Informatics bachelor"s degree (2014-2016)
      Member of the coordination of DMAD (2014-2015)
      President of crediting committee of Informatics bachelor"s degree (2014-2017)

    Habilitações Académicas:
      Universidade do Minho,Guimarães, Portugal
      PhD, Information Technologies, 2006 - 2008

      Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal
      Master of Science (MSc), Computer Sciences, 1991 - 1994

      Universidade Veiga de Almeida, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      Post-graduation, System Analysis, 1989 - 1990

      Universidade Veiga de Almeida, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      Bachelor, Electrotechnics Engineering, 1979 - 1984

    Experiência Profissional:
      Prof. Auxiliar at Universidade Aberta
      September 2013 - Present 
      Research in Computer Graphics, with special emphasis on the Scientific and Information Visualization
      - Teaching (present/past):
      • Computer graphics (Bachelor in Informatics)
      • Object oriented programming (Bachelor in Informatics)
      • Database fundamentals (Bachelor in Informatics)
      • Creative programming (PhD in Digital Arts)
      • Information Visualization(PhD in Digital Media Arts, Master in Biometery and Biostatistics and Master in Technologies and Web Systems)
      • Human-computer Interaction (Master in Technologies and Web Systems)
      • Information Visualization Topics (PhD in Science and Technology)
      • Immersive and Virtual Environments (PhD in Science and Technology)

      Information and Scientific Visualization Consultant at 3D CGC studio
      January 2012 - Present
      Computer graphics consultant specializing in computer vision and graphics algorithms related with objects reconstruction in 3d and face expressions analysis. Also media development such as 3d content and computer generated movies.

      Assistant Professor at Atlântica University
      October 2011 - August 2013 (1 year 11 months)
      - Research in Computer Graphics, with special emphasis on the Scientific and Information Visualization
      - Teaching:
      • Advanced topics on computer graphics (Master in Management of Information Systems and Technologies)
      • Object oriented programming (Bachelor in Systems and Information Technologies - LTSI)
      • Relational database project (Bachelor in Systems Information and Computer Management - GSC)
      • Computer Graphics (GSC)
      • Seminar in Information Systems and Technologies VII (LSTI)
      • Advanced Research Methodology II (LSTI)
      • Final Work Dissertation (LSTI and GSC)
      • Programming engineering (GSC)
      • Programming languages (GSC and LTSI)
      • Database (GSC)
      • Advanced topics in information management and databases (LTSI)

      Invited Lecturer at University of Minho
      October 2009 - September 2011 (2 years)
      Teaching the Virtual Reality and the Information Visualization components to the masters students of Technology and Digital Art and Information Services.

      Scientific Researcher at CCG - Centro de Computação Gráfica
      May 2009 - September 2011 (2 years 5 months)
      IT projects management and development. Research in the computer graphics field with special focus on augmented reality and information visualization.

      Senior Scientist at Fraunhofer Portugal Research
      May 2008 - May 2009 (1 year 1 month)

      Scientific Researcher at Universidade do Minho
      June 2006 - April 2008 (1 year 11 months)

      Project Manager at Sonae Distribuição
      January 2004 - September 2005 (1 year 9 months)

      Informatics Trainer at Casa Pia de Lisboa
      October 2003 - December 2003 (3 months)

      Assistant Teacher at UTAD - University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro
      December 1990 - March 2002 (11 years 4 months)

      Engineer C and D at Light Serviços de Eletricidade S. A. 
      October 1986 - November 1990 (4 years 2 months)

      Engineer A and B at AES Eletropaulo
      January 1985 - October 1986 (1 year 10 months)

      Electrotechnics Engineering Internship at Eletrobrás
      January 1983 - December 1983 (1 year)

    Área(s) de Interesse Científico e de Investigação:
      Computer graphics with special focus on scientific and information visualization, augmented and virtual reality.

    Publicações mais Recentes:

      Ângela Saldanha e Elizabeth Carvalho. Práticas educativas inclusivas no ensino artístico a distância. Tercio Creciente N.º 13, Universidade de Jaén, Jaén, Espanha, Tema: Compromiso, retos y creación artística, ISSNe: 2340-9096,  DOI: 10.17561/rtc,  Janeiro de 2018.

      Ângela Saldanha e Elizabeth Carvalho, “O ambiente na arte - explorando a educação  artística inclusiva com jovens e adultos”, VI Congresso Internacional de Educação Artística e Visual, Universidad de Extremadura, 20 a 22 de abril, 2017, Badajoz, Espanha.

      Fernandes D. e Carvalho E. S. DocGenealogy – Visualizing the doctoral advisors and mentors genealogic tree. Revista Abakós, ISSN  2316-9451, 2017  (submetido).

      Carvalho E. S. e Brito P. C. Visualizing Face Expressions. International Journal on Computational Science & Applications (IJCSA), ISSN 2200-0011, 2017 (submetido).

      Tereso, C. F. e Carvalho E. S. Desenvolvimento de uma ferramenta visual para análise das interações em fóruns num ambiente de e-learning. Revista Ciências da Computação, volume 11, nº 11, ISSN 21-1801, 2017.

      Marcos A., Martins A., Saldanha A., Araújo A., Carvalho E., Bidarra J., Coelho J. e Shirley P. Enhancement of Russian Creative Education:new post-graduation programme in digital art practice. Russian Creative Education in Digital Arts in line with EU standards, ISBN 978.587627-142-6, part 2, Ed. Sergei Kurasov, Moscovo, pgs. 26-42, 2016.

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      Carvalho E. S. e Marcos A. F. Evaluating the Quality of Students Actions in a Distance Learning Programming Language Academic Discipline. EDEN 2015 Annual Conference in Barcelona, 9-12 de Junho, 2015.

      Carvalho E. S.  Analyzing the quality of students interaction in a distance learning object-oriented programming discipline. Interdisciplinary Journal of e-Skills and Life Long Learning, 11,  85-99, ISSN: 1552-2237, 2015.

      Bidarra, J, Eça, T., Tavares, M., Leote, R. Pimentel, L., Carvalho, E. e Figueiredo (Eds). ARTECH 2015: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Digial Arts, ARTECH International, ISBN 978-989-99370-0-0, 2015.

      Chronos: A Cultural Heritage Visualization Ontological System Model, International Conference on Cultural Heritage (EUROMED 2014), Limassol, Chipre, 3-8 November (to appear). Authors: Elizabeth Carvalho, Marcírio Chaves.

      Carvalho, Elizabeth, Chaves, Marcirio Silveira, Sacramento, Nélia. Visualização de Informação de Opiniões Online sobre Restaurantes: Uso de Técnicas Orientadas à Visualização de Grafos. Revista Eletrônica de Sistemas de Informação (RESI), 1677-3071, DOI: 10.5329/RESI,  2014. 

      Elizabeth Carvalho e Marcirio ChavesDetecting end-user’s visual model to build a Visualisation Tool based on Online Reviews, Parsons Journal for Information Mapping (PJIM), ISSN 2372-1197, Volume V, issue 4, winter 2013, pgs. 1-11

      Elizabeth Carvalho e Marcirio Chaves. New findings on the user’s preferences about data visualization of online reviewsProceedings of ICIVTA 2013: International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications, Veneza, Itália 14-15 November, 2013. 

      Rodrigues, Clarissa e Carvalho, Elizabeth. Visualizing sixteen years of data about Portuguese leisure cultural activitiesInt"l Journal of Creative Interfaces & Computer Graphics (IJCICG), 3(2), 8-22, July-December 2012 July 2013. 

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      Elizabeth Carvalho, Nuno Sousa, Gustavo Maçães, Paulo Brito, Isabel Varajão. Use of Augmented Reality in the Furniture IndustryProceedings of the 1st Experiment@ International Conference November 17, 2011.

      Elizabeth Carvalho, Gustavo Maçães, Hugo Domingues, Luís Paulo Santos. Augmented Reality Visualization and Edition of Cognitive WorkflowProceedings of the 1st Experimental@ International Conference, Remote & Virtual Labs, November 17, 2011.

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      Using Augmented Reality Virtual Assistants to Teach the Traditional Leather Tanning Process, 6ª Conferência Ibérica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação, 15-18 Junho de 2011, Chaves, Portugal June 15, 2011
      Authors: Elizabeth Carvalho, Gustavo Maçães, Waldir Pimenta

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