Code: 52023
Departament: Department of Humanities
Field of Study: Humanities
    1. Comparative Literature
    2. Understanding the other
    3. Transdisciplinarity
    3. Imaginary / Cultural Imagology
Luís Carlos Pimenta Gonçalves
Área Científica: French Studies; Comparative Literature.

Course Description:
The course unit Comparative Studies aims at deepening the theoretical and methodological framework of the Literary Studies (Comparative Literature, Cultural Imagology). It intends to foster an inter- and transdisciplinary vision necessary today for studying the literary and artistic phenomenon and its inter-semiotic crossings; simultaneously, it promotes a broadly humanistic reflection, necessarily comparative, able to leverage the reading tools suitable for understanding the contemporary global culture in its growing complexity.

Thus, students are expected to be able to:
• Acquire a broad vision on the potentialities of ‘comparativism’;
• Carry out a reflection or a research in a collaborative way;
• Search and formulate hypotheses for the development of an original work.

1. The comparative ‘territory’: concepts and practices
2. A growing territory: Translation Studies, Cultural Studies, Feminist Studies, Postcolonial Studies
3. Literature and imaginary: cultural imagology
4. Problematization/analysis of a crossing theme

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E-Learning (fully online).

Workload (hours): 208
Contact Hours: 44

Evaluation is made on individual basis and it involves the coexistence of two modes: continuous assessment (60%) and final evaluation (40%). Further information is detailed in the Learning Agreement of the course unit.

Language(s) of Instruction: Portuguese.

Contact for virtual mobility students: GDERI/International Affairs -