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      Teresa A. Oliveira is Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Department of Sciences and Technology, at the Open University in Lisbon (UAb), Portugal, , teaching graduation, masters and PhD courses, currently totally online. She coordinates de Master on Biostatistics and Biometry for 4 Editions.

      She holds a PhD on Statistics and Operations Research- Experimental Statistics and Data Analysis (University of Lisbon-2000), MS in Statistics and Operations Research (Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon-1994), graduation in Applied Mathematics (UAL- Autonomous University of Lisbon).

      Her research interests include Experimental Design, Statistical Quality Control, Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment, Statistical Modelling, Computational Statistics, Data Analysis and e-Learning Methodologies focusing Mathematical and Statistical tools. In her activities she foster for applications in a broad range of areas, such as Education Sciences, Health Sciences, Medicine, Agriculture, Insurance, Engineering, Food Consumption Sciences and Biology.

      She has published several papers on international journals, book chapters and proceedings, as well as one book on "Estatística Aplicada" edited by Universidade Aberta. She reviews papers for several international journals and conferences. Currently she is strongly devoted to Editorial Issues, namely as member of Biometrical Letters Journal Editorial Board and on two books by Springer. As recent editoral activities, in 2015 she was co-editor of volumes by Springer, Shaker Verlag, ISAST International, as well as of a special Issue of the REVSTAT Journal.

      She supervised (2) and co-supervised (1) PhD and master (more than 30) thesis, not only at the UAb but also at FCT-New University of Lisbon and UNED – Spain. Currently, besides several master"s supervision at UAb, she is co-supervisor of a PhD student at University of Laval-Canada and of one master student at UDESC- Brasil and she is supervising one master thesis at UNED-Madrid.

      She has been participating very actively in PhD (14) and master (38) referees in several Universities.

      She organized and co-organized several International Conferences on Statistics, Mathematics and Computation (10thEdition - May 2016), as well as Portuguese-Polish Workshops on Biometry (5rd Edition May 2016) and International Conferences on Risk Analysis (ICRA5 and ICRA6). She participates in the Scientific and Organizing Committees of several other international conferences, in the areas of Statistics, Mathematics, Biometry, Entrepreneurship and on E-Learning Mathematics.

      She is the Chair of CRA-ISI, Committee on Risk Analysis of the International Statistical Institute 2015-2017 and she was recently invited to Chair the SMTDA International Section of Experimental Design and Statistical Quality Control.

                                                                                                                        October 2016

      Coordenadora do Mestrado em Bioestatística e Biometria.

      Presidente da Comissão de Análise do Risco do ISI-International Statistical Institute.

    Habilitações Académicas:

      2000, Doutoramento em Estatística e Investigação Operacional, Especialidade de Estatística Experimental e Análise de Dados, Universidade de Lisboa.

      1994, Mestrado em Estatística e Investigação Operacional, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa.

      1987, Licenciatura em Matemáticas Aplicadas, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.

    Experiência Profissional:

      Professora Auxiliar, Universidade Aberta (2000- )

      Assistente, Universidade Aberta (1999-2000)

      Assistente de Probabilidades e Estatística e de Investigação Operacional, ISLA de Santarém (1993-1999) 

      Assistente de Controlo Estatístico de Qualidade, UAL (1987-1991)

    Área(s) de Interesse Científico e de Investigação:

      Planeamento de Experiências - Planos em Blocos Incompletos Equilibrados e Parcialmente Equilibrados; Planos Factoriais e Planos Factoriais Fraccionados; Metodologias de Superfície de Resposta

      Controlo Estatístico da Qualidade;

      Modelação Estatística - Modelos Lineares Hierárquicos e Modelos Lineares Generalizados;

      Simulação - Técnicas de Reamostragem e aplicações em R;

      Análise Multivariada;

      Análise e Avaliação do Risco.

      Interesso-me por aplicações da Estatística nos mais diversos ramos, tais como a Agricultura, a Biologia, a Biomedicina, a Genética, a Inteligência Artificial, as Ciências do Consumo Alimentar e o Ensino das Ciências.

    Publicações mais Recentes:

      Oliveira, A., Oliveira, T.A., Seijas-Macias, A. (2016). Skewness into the Product of Two Normally Distributed Variables and the Risk Consequences, Revstat-Statistical Journal, Special Issue on Risk Analysis: Challenges and Applications, 14:2, 119-138.

      Charters de Azevedo, F., Oliveira, T.A., Oliveira, A. (2016). Modeling Non-Life Insurance Price for Risk without Historical Information, Revstat-Statistical Journal, Special Issue on Risk Analysis: Challenges and Applications, 14:2, 171-192.

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