Degree in Mathematics Applied to Management
Department of Sciences and Technology

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Degree: Bachelor (Licenciatura)

Entry Requirements: Several entry requirements are available depending upon the candidate’s background, either requiring a Mathematics exam or a direct entry, for course changes or University reentry.
See Entry Requirements.
The Portuguese is the teaching language in most programs.

Language of Instruction: Portuguese.

Teaching Mode: E-learning - virtual classroom setting.

Goals / Employment:

The Degree in Mathematics Applied to Management reflects the importance of Mathematics in the modern world, particularly in the area of Management and reinforces its alliance with Computing.
The graduates have in perspective the integration in business environment as the banking, insurance, consultants, and in institutions, public or private; pursuing studies or providing specialized services on an individual basis.
The course promotes a computational preparation that enables graduates to cope with the demands of the digital economy and the increasing use of large datasets (Big Data).
The distance learning format allows this training to be carried out throughout portuguese speaking pearsons  in a flexible way.

Acess to Further Studies:
Yes. This degree may be directly articulated with the Master’s Degree in Statistics, Mathematics and Computation ; Master 's Degree in Biostatistics and Biometry and Master's degree in Managment

Degree Coordination:
Maria do Rosário Olaia Duarte Ramos (Coordinator)
Manuel Filipe Mouta Lopes (Vice-Coordinator)

Curricular Structure and Credits:

The Degree in Mathematics Applied to Management is a 1st Cycle course that develops over six semesters and has four dominant scientific areas, in a total of 180 credit units (ECTS): Mathematics (main); Management, Computer Engineering and Economics.

The curricular units of the Degree in Mathematics Applied to Management are offered for attendance in the regime of Isolated Curricular Units and Certified Modular programs.