» Study Plan

Degree: Doctorate (Doutoramento)

Entry Requirements:

The conditions for access to the Doctoral Program in Global Studies are derived from Article 46 of the General Regulation of the Training Offer of the Open University [Order No. 5384/2017 of May 30].
In addition to the above referenced access conditions, they are fundamental prerequisites for admission to the Doctoral Program:
- access to a computer with an internet connection;
- experience of browsing and searching the internet;
- Good knowledge of English.

Language of Instruction: Portuguese.

Teaching Mode: eLearning.

Goals / Employment:

At the end od the PhD program in Global Studies student should be able to:

- Analyse the phenomenon of globalization, in aspects related to political and social reality, intercultural communication, education for globalization, the environment, social, economic and multilingual diversity of societies.
- Reflect critically on global issues from an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective, highlighting the role of societies and people in the process.
- Identify research needs by participating in research teams in Global Studies and disseminating research carried out with peers and the community at large.
- Implement research methodologies and appropriate actions to solve problems in Global Studies.
- Managing and influencing change processes resulting from the application of knowledge in Global Studies.
- Innovate to improve living conditions in the sustainable relationship between culture, economy, society and the environment, from a global perspective.

Potential recipients are all those who aim to develop advanced research in this area of study, professionals related to the third sector and the public sector, company cadres and international organizations, as well as community leaders and consultants in associations and without profit organizations wishing to implement global inclusion.

Degree Coordination:
José Eduardo Franco (Coordinator)
João Carlos Relvão Caetano (Vice-Coordinator)
Darlinda Moreira (Vice-Coordinator)
Rosa Maria Sequeira (Vice-Coordinator)

Curricular Structure and Credits:

The PhD Program in Global Studies is equivalent to 180 ECTS. It is organized on the basis of a 1st part, of a curricular nature, with the credit of 60 ECTS, followed by a 2nd part, dedicated to research, with a credit of 120 ECTS.
In the semesters corresponding to the 2nd part of the PhD Program (Doctoral Thesis Seminar I and II), the student carries out the research under the supervision of the thesis supervisor (s).