Apllications 2020: until September 15

» Study Plan
    Branch: Advanced Studies in Heritage

» Study Plan
    Branch: Powers, Representations and Cultural Practices

Degree: Doctorate (Doutoramento)

Entry Requirements:


‐ Master degree holders or legal equivalent in a relevant field of studies;
‐ Graduate students with a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum from where the Scientific Board can verify the necessary skills to take part in this cycle of studies;
‐ Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that has been recognized by UAb’s Scientific Board as adequate for the objectified goals and skills for this cycle of studies.

Language of Instruction: Portuguese.

Teaching Mode: online.

Goals / Employment:


Study cycle's objectives:
* To provide the capability to grasp conceptual and methodological tools necessary for the production of knowledge in the field of History;
* To increase the capacity to formulate problems and to use all scientific resources in a critical, creative and original way so as to anticipate answers;
* To develop the capacity to construct a rational and critical view of past societies, in order to improve the understanding of the present and to enable the practice of citizenship to its best;
* To promote the capacity to organize knowledge in a systematic form, and to analyze events and historical processes from a diachronic and / or comparative perspective;
* To increase the capacity to internalize that historical knowledge is in a process of constant construction;
* To develop the capacity to assume an ethical attitude in the field of intellectual production based on the acknowledgement of the scientific contributions from which it is derived;
* To increase the capacity to contribute to advancement in knowledge in a particular area of expertise.

* Granting access and professional progression to those that rise or perform professional duties in the scientific areas of History and Heritage Studies with a background in humanities and social sciences, or curriculum and professional practice in areas such as history, archeology, sociology, anthropology, Heritage, Museology, among others, as well as experience in the field of cultural industries, tourism, teaching .

Degree Coordination:
João Luís Cunha Cardoso (Coordinator)
Ana Paula Avelar (Vice-Coordinator)

Curricular Structure and Credits:


Branch‐Representations, Powers and Cultural Practices
Scientific Area: History
Acronym: Hist
Ects Mandatory: 165
Ects Optional: 15


Branch ‐ Advanced Studies in Heritage
Scientific Area: History
Acronym: Hist
Ects Mandatory: 15
Scientific Area: Studies in Heritage
Acronym: Est. Patrim.
Ects Mandatory: 150
Ects Optional: 15