Master's Degree in Studies on Europe
Department of Humanities

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Degree: Master (Mestrado)

Entry Requirements:

Candidates to the Master 's Degree in Studies on Europe must meet one of the following requirements, they must be:
a) Graduates or legal equivalent;
b) Foreign graduates, after a 1st cycle of studies, structured according to the Bologna Process by an adherent state;
c) Foreign graduates, whose qualification is considered similar to an undergraduate degree by a qualified scientific body of the university;
d) Schooling, scientific or professional course rendered valid for this cycle of studies by a qualified scientific body of the university.

Language of Instruction: Portuguese.

Teaching Mode: Online (with some optional face-to-face sessions).

Goals / Employment: Graduates will be professionals entitled to work in areas related to:
•Public Administration
•Officers in European Organizations
•Officers in Central Administration

Acess to Further Studies: 3rd Cycle Degrees.

Degree Coordination:
Maria do Céu Martins Monteiro Marques (Coordinator)
Mário José Filipe da Silva (Vice-Coordinator)

Curricular Structure and Credits: This Master´s Degree takes 2 years (4 semesters). During the 1st year (2 semesters) students have to attend eight mandatory course units (60 ECTS). The two last semesters, corresponding to 60ECTS, are meant to prepare and write a scientific dissertation.