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Degree: Bachelor (Licenciatura)

Entry Requirements: The conditions of access and enrollment in the in the 1st cycle degree programs at UAb are distinct from the requirements in the remaining Portuguese Higher Education Institutions: students do not compete in the UAb National Competition for Access to Higher Education and UAb has no numerus clausus. Access modes:
• Specific Access: candidates over 21 years old (different for student-workers) + High School Diploma or equivalent + exam(s) made at UAb.
• Examination for adult candidates over 23 years old.
• The Universidade Aberta does not have numerus clausus, accepting the possible number of students, according to the available human resources.

Language of Instruction: Portuguese.

Teaching Mode: E-learning.

Goals / Employment: The Undergraduate Degree Programme in Humanities is a 1st cycle course of higher education that seeks to provide students with both knowledge and skills within the field of the human sciences, in accordance with two educational horizons. The first horizon is that of education and cultural enrichment connected with the needs of active professionals. The second horizon opens up the chance of pursuing further study, within 2nd and 3rd cycle programmes, in a multiplicity of humanities-based fields, ranging from linguistics and cultural studies to history, philosophy, art, literary studies and other transdisciplinary fields.
The Undergraduate Degree Programme in Humanities seeks to provide students with the theoretical, epistemological and analytic tools that will allow them to gain familiarity with the various disciplines it encompasses - their definitions, origins, traditions and development over time and space - as well as with the reception and reflection of these disciplines within contemporary Western culture, to which the Portuguese context both belongs and actively contributes. Thus the general scope of this programme naturally includes three broad areas of knowledge - language, literature and culture - all of which are strictly related to other fundamental disciplines within the humanities: history, philosophy, sociology, art and cultural studies.
The Programme in the Humanities is aimed at a student population whose professional commitments and interests require intervention in the various fields that compose this area of study. Such commitments correspond to an increasing demand for interdisciplinarity and cultural and technological proficiency in employment markets related to diplomacy and international relations, teaching and research, public relations, administrative support, social communication, archive and document management, publishing, tourism and other fields of cultural intervention and mediation. The programme also addresses the needs of those seeking to complete a general course of instruction, either due to the interruption of previous studies or to personal interest, allowing such students the chance to develop their knowledge and skills in this area and to have these skills duly accredited.

Acess to Further Studies: The Programme in the Humanities prepares students to pursue 2nd  and 3rd cycle courses in a range of fields, including Literary and Artistic Studies, History, Language Studies, Portuguese Literature and Culture, European Studies, Portuguese as a Foreign Language, and Foreign Literatures and Cultures.

Degree Coordination:
Maria do Rosário Lupi Bello (Coordinator)
Ana Rita de Sá Soveral Padeira (Vice-Coordinator)

Curricular Structure and Credits:

Major in Humanities (120 ECTS)
Minor in Portuguese Studies (60 ECTS)
Minor in Foreign Culture Studies (60 ECTS)