Master in Information and Enterprise Systems
Department of Sciences and Technology

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Degree: Master (Mestrado)

Entry Requirements:


According to the Law Decree 74/2006 of March 24, may apply to the Masters in Information and Enterprise Systems:
a) holders of an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification in any area;
b) holders of a foreign academic degree awarded by a State that has adhered to the Process of Bologna in a sequence of a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the principles of that Process;
c) holders of a foreign academic degree that is recognized by the Scientific Board of the Proposing Entities as meeting the objectives of an undergraduate degree;
d) holders of an academic curriculum, either scientific or professional, that is recognized by the Scientific Board of the Proposing Entities as evidence of the candidate's capacity to undertake this cycle of studies.
It is required that the candidates have access to a computer with broadband Internet and possess reading and comprehension skills in English and spend up to three weeks in face-to-face teaching.

Language of Instruction: Portuguese.

Teaching Mode: Distance Learning / E-learning.

Goals / Employment:


The Master Course in Information and Enterprise Systems main objective is to train professionals with solid basic training and expertise in technology and business systems and operations of organizations so that they can meet the needs constant technological innovation in companies and organizations in general in the context the rapid development of information society and knowledge. The course has the following overall objectives:
i) To provide fundamental knowledge and problem-solving models, theories and conceptual frameworks which govern the use of information and information technologies and communication systems in business organizations;
ii) to Empower autonomous professional performance, developing models and scientific devices, conceptually and methodologically appropriate to projects of technological intervention in organizations exploring efficiently and accurately innovative information management, knowledge and learning as well as implementing business systems;
iii) Develop methodologies for exploration, implementation and evaluation of technologies set to study / intervention usage scenarios, exploration and experimentation in digital organizational context;
iv) Enable to exercise supervisory functions in scientific experimentation projects / research.

The master of information and business systems will be adequately trained for the office of high conceptual demand and technology, including the assumption of functions:
i)  Direction and project management of organizational intervention aimed at the adoption and proper use of information and information technology, and business systems;
ii) Design and integration of technology solutions considering the broader organizational policy areas;
iii) Involvement in the testing and integration of information systems and technology and business services as well as information on organizational context;
iv) Design and implementation of projects of experimental / investigative.

The course runs mostly under online, virtual classroom, and in classroom sessions mandatory intensively concentrated in one or two weeks a year, in the form of seminar and / or workshop.

Students pursuing for the preparation of the thesis should be able to design and conduct research in some areas of knowledge inherent to the course and submit to a public examination for the Defense of Master's Thesis.

Acess to Further Studies:


The completion of this Masters course may be an element for pursuing higher studies.

Degree Coordination:
Luís Cavique (Vice-Coordinator)