Doctor´s Degree in Intercultural Relations
Department of Social Sciences and Management

» Study Plan

Degree: Doctorate (Doutoramento)

Entry Requirements:
a. Holders of a Master's degree or legal equivalent in any disciplinary domain; 
b. Holders of an undergraduate degree or legal equivalent, with an appropriate educational or scientific  curriculum recognized by the Scientific Council  attesting to their capacity to pursue this cycle of studies.
c. Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curricula recognized by the Scientific Council attesting to their capacity to pursue this cycle of studies.

Language of Instruction: Portuguese.

Teaching Mode: The PhD course in intercultural relations will operate on an online distance learning approach via an e-learning platform, applying the virtual pedagogical model adopted by the Universidade Aberta. The teaching regime also includes a face-to-face component to be scheduled in the beginning of the academic year.

Goals / Employment:
The PhD in intercultural relations has the following aims: 
1. To provide distance learning postgraduate education at advanced level, fostering a theoretical and methodological interdisciplinary approach to the study of intercultural relations. Intercultural studies are a field characterised by diversity and cross-cutting analytical perspectives, which enables the acquisition and development of new theoretical, methodological and technical knowledge combining simultaneously, an interdisciplinary approach and specialised study; 
2. To train professionals within the Portuguese speaking world in the context of Portuguese diaspora communities, promoting the exchange of good practices and knowledge, together with scientific research in partnership, in the field of interculturality; 
3. To encourage participation of international groups of lecturers  and networks of recognised merit in the teaching and research of comparative intercultural
Career Opportunities:
The PhD graduates have the know-how to work in highly skilled positions at the central and local Public Services; Ministries, Foundations and NGOs; Professional organizations and Trade Unions; Institutions of Higher Education and Research Centers at a national and international levels.

Acess to Further Studies: PhD post-doctoral programs and other advanced postgraduate programs.

Degree Coordination:
Ana Paula Beja Horta (Coordinator)
Maria Natália Pereira Ramos (Vice-Coordinator)
Maria de Fátima Alves (Vice-Coordinator)

Curricular Structure and Credits:
The PhD in Intercultural Relations is a study cycle leading to a doctoral degree corresponding to 180 ECTS. 
The PhD program integrates two major parts: 
a) the first part comprises the successful completion of 60 ECTS of coursework 
b) the second part is dedicated to the research and development of a scientific and original thesis corresponding to 120 ECTS. 
The first part of the doctoral programme entails two sequential semesters (one year)  in a distance learning, online model with the possibility of integrating classroom sessions. Each semester consists of three courses in a total of six curricular units. 
Successful completion of the 1st year of the course is a prerequisite for enrollment in a doctoral thesis’ project.