Entry Requirements

The conditions of access and enrollment in the in the 1st Cycle Degree Programs (Graduations) at Universidade Aberta (UAb) are distinct from the requirements in the remaining Portuguese Higher Education Institutions: students do not compete in the National Contest for Access to Higher Education and UAb has no defined number of vacancies to fulfill per year (numerus clausus).

The access modes for both Portuguese and foreign candidates are the following:

Specific Access: candidates over 21 years old (different for student-workers) + High School Diploma or equivalent + presence-based examination(s) according to the scientific area the candidate is applying to.

Candidates over 23 years old: specific examination(s) according to the scientific area the candidate is applying to.

Direct Access: holders of a higher education degree.

Please notice: The Portuguese is the teaching language in most programs. Exceptions are the foreign languages course units.

More information on Universidade Aberta and its Virtual Pedagogical Model.