Code: 23010
Departament: Department of Sciences and Technology
Field of Study: Digital Media Art
    Scientific Research
    Art Research
    Research in Digital Media Art
Adérito Fernandes Marcos
Área Científica: Computer Science.

Mirian Estela Nogueira Tavares

Pedro Alves da Veiga
Field of Study: Digital Art

Course Description:
This learning unit  aims at providing students a space for the development of scientific/artistic critical mind, while identifying and assimilating the main research processes, methodologies and practices in science, technology, art and communication and their intersection in the research and experimentation in the interdisciplinary area of digital media art.

When concluding this learning unit students shall be able to:
  • Distinguish the characteristics and nature of the scientific, technological, artistic and communication knowledge;
  • Discriminate various approaches and methods of artistic research, development and experimentation and explain its applicability to different types of research problems and questions;
  • Differentiate the different practices of research in areas related to information technology, computer science, art and communication;
  • Evaluate and critique the description of a research project.

1) Research methods and techniques in science, art and design: theory, models and practices;
2) Systematic methods of scientific information research;
3) Systematic research methods in design and art: artistic practice as research and innovation;
4) Planning techniques of research projects in digital media art;
5) Elaboration of scientific and intervention texts in digital media art;
6) Techniques and practice of presentation and defense of texts and projects in digital middle art.

  • “Research Issues In Art Design and Media”, Knight, J., Jefsioutine, M., ISSN 1474-2365, Issue No.3 Summer 2002.
  • “aRt&D: Research and Development in Art”, Brouwer, Joke, Mulder, A., and Nigten, A. (eds.). (2005), NAi Publishers/V2-Organization, ISBN: 9789056623890;
  • “Art Practice as Research - Inquiry in the Visual Arts”, Sullivan, G., (2005), SAGE Publications, Inc., ISBN: 9781412905367;
  • "Visual Research: An Introduction to Research Methodologies in Graphic Design”, Noble, I., and Bestley R, (2005) AVA Publishing, ISBN: 978-2884790499;
  • “Research design: qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches”, Creswell, John W. 3rd ed (2008). London: Sage Publications. ISBN: 978-1412965576.


Workload (hours): 130
Contact Hours: 30

Given the theoretical nature of the learning unit, the process of teaching/learning follows an approach of online collaborative learning type in virtual classroom, that is based on the individual and group critical analysis of scientific texts, communicational products or artistic manifests, including an example of a research project provided by the teacher from where it will result an individual work of synthesis. The learning will still include discussion and analysis of processes, methodologies and practices of artistic research and experimentation held in online forum.

Language(s) of Instruction: Portuguese.

Contact for virtual mobility students: GDERI/International Affairs -